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Cedars Sinai Affiliate Saves Thousands on Orthopedic Instruments, Implants and Disposables with OptioSurgical


The Company


This high-volume orthopedic facility is one of the most technologically advanced outpatient surgical facilities in Southern California. The center is owned by its physicians and focuses on sports medicine, joint replacement, and fracture fixation. The savings delivered by OptioSurgical resulted in a ROI in the first 90 days.

The Problem

Administration at the facility wanted to decrease orthopedic implant and disposable costs and increase surgeon engagement.

It was difficult to identify savings opportunities and determine market rates for certain implants and disposables. Much of the data was difficult to access or existed on paper, making it a manual and time-consuming task.

As with many facilities, declining reimbursement necessitates a lower cost per case and required the facility to take a hard look at implants and disposables.

The Solution

OptioSurgical digitally tracked all orthopedic procedures and provided real-time analytics on cost per case and surgeon rankings. This allowed administration to have actionable conversations with surgeons and make more informed decisions.

OptioSurgical has helped me have more data driven discussions with my surgeons and vendors. The software automatically populates savings opportunities which saves me time and helps increase our profitability.

Marina Groysman
Administrator at Cedars Sinai Sugery Center of the Pacific

The Outcome

OptioSurgical’s algorithm was able to find savings opportunities up to 20-40% on certain charged items. The facility was able to reduce costs on procedures such as distal radius, clavicle and distal fibula, and podiatric procedures.

Uncovering new savings opportunities: OptioSurgical’s automated alerts identified overcharging on thousands of dollars of instruments such as screwdrivers, countersinks, and other items for which the facility was able to receive a credit.

Lastly, the facility was able to improve negotiations with vendors and remove one vendor from the facility who chose not to comply with the new mandates for pricing.

The thousands of dollars in savings delivered helped the facility achieve ROI in the first 90 days.

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