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Midwest ASC Management Company Realizes Over 50% Savings with OptioSurgical


The Company


With 70 surgery centers across the country, MCG helps to provide surgery center management and development, and continuously looks for innovative ways to serve its surgery center partners.

The savings delivered by OptioSurgical resulted in a ROI in the first 90 days.

The Need for a Solution

Surgeon owners at the facilities were requesting help from MCG to highlight surgical cost per case in real-time, and easily determine savings opportunities to increase profits. Fixed reimbursement made reducing implant costs especially important.

When cost data was pulled it was often out of date and incomplete. Furthermore, it was not actionable data and did not highlight areas to reduce costs.

It took administration weeks to pull the data since implant usage was written on pieces of paper and stored in physical binders.

The facilities knew they were spending a lot on orthopedic implants and disposables but were having a very difficult time tracking and reducing costs.

The Optio Solution

MCG implemented OptioSurgical to digitize all paper-based implant logs and provide actionable analytics to surgeons. By digitally tracking implants and disposables for surgery the Optio software is able to easily identify implant and disposable savings opportunities.

Prior to OptioSurgical it was very difficult to access case cost information in real-time and engage surgeons on how to be more cost effective. With Optio we are able to easily have those conversations and drive down costs.

Rob McCarville,
Managing Principal at MCG

The Outcome

Since implementing OptioSurgical, MCG was able to reduce costs by more than 50%.

One facility, West Lakes Surgery Center achieved $2,000 savings per distal radius fracture with a capitated construct; a savings of more than $50,000 per year.

A facility was previously paying list price with a primary vendor and was able to negotiate a 10% discount.

The amount of time spent collecting and analyzing data went from 5 hours per week down to 1 hour per week.

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