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Wisconsin Clinic Achieves Orthopedic Implant Cost Nirvana with OptioSurgical


With seven fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons, this clinic is a state-of-the-art surgery center that provides the best possible outcomes for patients in need of finger, hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder surgery.

This surgery center had already negotiated very competitive pricing when it engaged OptioSurgical.

The Problem

Administration and surgeons at the facility wanted to decrease spend on disposables and improve overall cost analytics to make better, more informed decisions. Much of the data existed on pieces of paper and it was difficult to track physician cost behavior over time.

The surgeons and staff were extremely engaged with cost and wanted to decrease
costs even further to maximize profits on fixed reimbursement cases.

The Solution

OptioSurgical tracked and digitized all implant logs across all upper extremity fractures. Ingesting this data was necessary to provide metrics on cost per case, surgeon rankings and savings opportunities.

Our mission is to provide high-quality cost-effective outcomes for our patients. OptioSurgical helped us deliver against that mission by introducing additional savings on implants and disposables.

Wisconsin Clinic,

The Outcome

This surgery center achieved multiple goals as a result of the OptioSurgical platform. First, the facility reduced spend on certain disposables and non-reimbursable items by 60%. Next, the platform helped create a cost competitive environment.

As a result, the largest vendor for trauma implants discounted products by 40%. This facility received an ROI of the software in the first 120 days.

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