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Surgeon Engagement

Compare Surgeon Spend by procedure within your own facility, creating an environment of collaboration and competition.

Sharing a Common Goal

Our software provides a dashboard to easily rank surgeon by the different specialties, sports medicine, fracture care, arthroplasty, etc. Understand who is spending what with each vendor with just a few clicks.

  • See what surgeons are spending on different products from different vendors to fix the same clinical indication.
  • Provide your surgeons the opportunity to collaborate and learn best practices with actionable information.
  • Easily and accurately identify outlying surgeons, surgeons who have the greatest percentage of savings available.

Save time and staff resources manually assembling the surgeon rankings, see immediate rankings based on procedural level data.

Check out our video overview of Surgeon Engagement on the OptioSurgical platform

OptioSurgical's Orthopedic Auditing Software

Procedural Based Cross Reference

Our platform informs your surgical staff on products that meet the clinical requirements at lower costs from the same or different vendors.


Identify mistaken and mis-charging on implant and excessive disposable use. Calls out missed-capitation opportunities.


Combining Real Time Cross Referencing and Surgeon Ranking in an easy to digest, conversational report to distribute to surgeons on demand.