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Consolidate administrative workload of Bill-Only process to
save time and eliminate miss-charging. Optimize revenue with
increased transparency into Vendor Rep billing.

State of the art Bill-Only Software

  • Standardize and Digitize Bill-Only submission from all of your vendors
  • Store and organize historical Bill-Onlys from all reps and vendors
  • Speed up revenue reconciliation process
  • Increase revenue in with Cost Plus payors
  • Provide surgeons real-time receipts of spend per procedure,
    encouraging cost efficiency
  • Direct integration into OptioInsight Analytics Platform

Beta Features, Coming Soon

We're continuously working to improve our products.
You can expect these features in the near future.


Never be caught off guard with alerts for pricing updates
on existing products, new product pricing, off-contract
products, and missed capitation opportunities


Allow for import of Bill-Only data into EMR or Billing
application, meaning no more manual entry by you
or your team

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