Empowering Healthcare Professionals

At Optio, we understand that there is a patient behind everything that you do. That is why we make great software that enables data collection and actionable analytics to empower you to focus on what matters most; the patient.

As a surgeon, you are tasked with delivering high quality outcomes. Your tools are your instrument and surgery is your craft. Optio provides the data and transparency you desire allowing you to:

  • Demonstrate high quality cost-effective behavior and see how you rank amongst colleagues
  • Gain visibility to construct costs and equivalent alternatives without changing vendors
  • Collaborate on devices you use and new technologies available

An OR nurse is a critical component of the surgical team. You have enough on your plate assisting the surgeon, providing instrumentation, and recording information. Optio allows you to save time and focus on the patient by:

  • Digitally and accurately capture implants and disposables used during surgery
  • Reduce administrative time through EMR integration
  • Utilize Optio's pre-filtered implant selection based on indication

As a health care administrator, you're tasked with managing the complexities of lowering costs while providing physician preference products and maintaining clinical relationships. Understanding thousands of products is nearly impossible. Optio allows you to:

  • Track Physician device usage and costs in real time and validate vendor utilization rates
  • Leverage Optio's suggestive analytics to collaborate with surgeons on cost effective alternatives while staying contract complaint
  • Track individual devices and UDI to the patient