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Increase your surgical profit margins
on orthopedic cases 5-15%

Maintaining the status quo means declining profits

Tools to save you time and money

By highlighting alternative surgical products and identifying anomalies in waste and spend, OptioSurgical equips hospitals and surgery centers to maximize profitability while delivering the highest quality of care.

Why OptioSurgical?

Savings Simplified

Real-time tracking and analytics on every procedure. Automated cross-referencing and alerts for savings opportunities and mistaken charges.

Vendor Consolidation

Accurate and actionable data to provide physicians with the options they desire while achieving vendor consolidation.

Easy to Deploy

No process changes for medical staff, and IT integrations are optional.

Who We Serve

Supply Chain Simplified

OptioSurgical gives supply chain professionals the insights they need to collaborate with their teams and make informed purchasing decisions. The transparency on medical device costs you’ve been waiting for.

Analytics Made Easy

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    Automated Analysis
    Ditch paper forms and spreadsheets
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    Pricing Transparency
    Rapid construct-to-construct comparisons across new and current vendors as well as alternatives options
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    Self-Service Insights
    Cost per case by physician and procedure based on your usage data

Offering Surgeons Options

OptioSurgical gives surgeons access to implant pricing comparisons within and across vendors so they can choose alternatives that benefit patients—and the bottom line.

Insights Delivered

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    An Aerial View
    Dashboards highlight cost savings opportunities
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    Inbox Alerts

    Optional emails rank cost performance by surgeon

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    Comparison Shop
    Construct-to-construct pricing across current and new vendors

Features at a Glance

Maintain relationships and achieve effective collaboration between physicians and administration.

Surgeon to Surgeon costs and profitability rankings.

Suggestive analytics to reduce costs and stay contract compliant.

Determine average cost per case over time to successfully deliver on capitation models.

Track and reduce the amount of wasted products and disposable cost to maximize reimbursement.

Track devices to the patient and maintain UDI compliance.

You'll see a return on investment in just 90 days.

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Surgery Centers face increasing demand for price transparency while delivering the highest quality of outcomes. That’s why many surgery centers seek to gain a greater share of profitability from the same types of products and vendors they use every day.

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