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Insight: Actionable Reports on Demand

OptioInsight is easy to use and provides key information instantly, just by uploading the invoices you already have.

Instant Invoice Auditing

Upload your product invoices to Insight and our algorithm will provide a breakdown of your costs and product usage

Spend Breakdown & Capitation Suggestions

Identify how much you’re spending on implants, disposables, instruments and consumables. Catch changes in vendor pricing with quarterly updates, and find comparisons and suggestions for capitated constructs.

Custom Alerts

Never be caught off guard with alerts for above average SKU pricing, instrument charges and a high percentage of disposable spend.

Leverage Your Negotiating Power


On demand reports show exactly where to focus your time and attention. Recoup that lost time on manual review!


Identify high volume indications to pursue capitated implant prices and catch overcharging and anomalies in spend.


Better predict profitability with benchmarking on SKUs, indications and vendors, and comparing data by region and facility size.

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