Optio Trauma


Track loose devices in real time

  • Decipher between purchase history and actual usage
  • Build surgeon profile with actual usage
  • Account for disposables and wasted product

Move Towards Capitation

  • Understand average cost per case and demand bell curve
  • Maximize fixed reimbursement models
  • Forecast more accurately


Spend More Time with the Patient

  • Avoid manual and inefficient implant recording
  • Improve accuracy of implant recording with Optio's tracking software
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing EMR

Leverage the Optio Trauma Analytics

Leverage Optio’s proprietary database to digitally track orthopedic trauma devices with our dependency data model. Simply select indication and primary implant and our software does the rest. Optio Trauma is the only software that can account for wasted products and track UDI to the patient.

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