Analyze, Track & Execute

OptioSurgical empowers providers to increase profitability while delivering high quality outcomes.

Turn Usage Data Into Savings

Our algorithm categorizes procedures by construct and automatically populates savings opportunities.

Alerts and Notifications

Receive automated alerts for overcharging, mistaken charges, and non-contracted products being used. Highlight important topics to discuss with vendors and clinicians.

Track spend, compare pricing and find savings opportunities

Your hospitals and surgery centers will have access to clear, transparent pricing across vendors, allowing them to quickly identify ways to reduce overspending by 20-40%.

Reduce Cost, Save Time, Optimize Outcomes

Full Pricing Transparency

Use cross-vendor pricing data to identify future savings opportunities, profitability, expenses and waste.

Customized Insights

Review implant and materials cost by procedure in a format that makes it easy for you to take action.

Independent Analysis

Manage the RFP cycle without help from consultants and vendors and take control of your spending.

Turn your usage data into cost and time savings.

Customer Success

One Midwest ASC Management Company realized over 50% Savings with OptioSurgical.