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Calculate your orthopedic implant costs and immediately identify opportunities to save on implants, disposables, and inconsistent charges.

Our Solutions

The OptioSurgical platform is designed to bring business intelligence to your surgical supply chain.

Using software, our goal is to help you eliminate waste, maximize efficiency, and promote
transparency as it relates to the purchasing of physician preferred items.

Our solution is built on four areas of opportunity that can help you save your surgical staff time and
effort, decrease unnecessary spend, and control the purchasing process from start to finish.

Process Improvement

Help your surgical staff streamline the bill-only submission
and approval process via a digital, one-stop-shop platform.

  • Receive bill-only submissions within 24 hours of surgery
  • Reps submit, admin approve, all in one location
  • Communicate with vendors in-app
  • Check you dashboard for spend analytics and bill-only status updates

Usage Alerts

Maximize your profitability per case by receiving alerts for products
that you are overpaying for, or shouldn’t be paying for at all.

  • Get notified when you’re charged for a product you shouldn’t be
  • Review product quantities and prices before cutting an official PO
  • View overcharges by vendor
  • Receive cost-avoidance reports

Contract Compliance

Enforce vendor contract compliance with timely and accurate data, ensuring the terms you agreed to are protected.

  • Upload price files to ensure you’re charged correctly, every time
  • Check product types to make sure you’re purchasing on-contract items
  • Standardize contract management for physician preference items
  • Create vendor accountability for all on contract items across all surgical specialties

Clinical Variation

Decrease clinical variation among providers using actionable data to give
them the products they want without sacrificing your facilities bottom line.

  • Send spend receipts to every provider, for every surgical case
  • Compare providers spend by procedure type to see the most cost effective surgeons
  • Download reports to see where spend leakage is occurring
  • Review benchmarking data to see how your spend compares to that of other providers

Interested in seeing how OptioSurgical can help you for FREE?

Sign-up for our basic platform version today to start improving your bill-only process immediately. The basic version allows
you to self sign-up, creates a conduit for you to manage your bill-only submission and approvals in-app, and so much more.

Clinical Variation

Decrease clinical variation among providers using actionable data to give them the products they want without sacrificing your facilities bottom line.

Notable basic application features include:

  • Self sign-up
  • Cloud-based system
  • Up to three admin system users
  • Pre-made vendor rep invites
  • Digital management of all bill-only, bill-and-replace, and restock orders
  • In-app vendor communication
  • Dashboard of spend analytics

Interested in upgrading to see how OptioSurgical can
further your supply chain intelligence?

In addition to a software platform, we also offer consulting services to further your business goals.

Our advisory services include:

  • Our Healthcare Performance Improvement practice works with healthcare providers to identify and implement measurable and sustainable financial, clinical, and operational performance improvements.
  • Provide the comprehensive expertise, experience, and analytics to deliver data-driven, innovative approaches to help hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, and other providers tackle their most complex problems.
  • Work with providers to reduce supply chain costs, streamline operations to position organizations strategically for long-term success.
  • Our expertise, leading-edge analytics, and deep experience enable us to support a wide range of initiatives in supporting performance improvement projects.
  • Our Healthcare Performance Improvement team is uniquely differentiated by our experienced consultants, who have extensive backgrounds in clinical and business operations with a focus on helping clients implement sustainable financial, operational, and clinical performance improvements.

Through this consulting practice we hope to help you with:

Identifying cost savings and process improvement initiatives in all aspects of the Supply Chain

Working with hospital value analysis teams, physicians and senior leadership to develop methodologies and implement sustaining results

Changing cultures and habits across the entire healthcare continuum

Interested in adding advisory services to your
OptioSurgical package today?